Krathong Thong (Golden Flowers)

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Krathong Thong (Golden Flowers)
Veröffentlicht in Recipes · 6 August 2023
INGREDIENTS                                                     STUFFING MIXTURE
(Better Mix for Cups)                                            250 g Tiger prawns (meat only)
210 g Rice flour                                                   100 g Carrot (diced)
150 g Wheat flour                                                80 g Sweet corn
2-3 Egg yolks                                                      100 g Water chestnuts (diced)
6 g Salt                                                              100 g Snow peas
270 mls Lime water                                             15 g Curry powder
30 g Vegetable oil                                                25 mls Fish sauce
2 L Palm oil or similar                                           50 g White sugar
                                                                         50 mls Vegetable oil

                                                                          2 Red Chilli (sliced fine)
                                                                          2 springs Coriander leaves

SERVING SIZE                                                      RECOMMENDED DRINK
20-30 pieces                                                         Refreshing lemon Daiquir

  1. To make the flour mixture, mix together the rice and wheat flour in a large bowl, add the egg  yolks, salt and lime water and continue until consistency is an even texture, finish by straining  through fine chinois, set aside.
  2. Heat the palm oil (to 170°C) in a wok; lower the brass mould cup into the hot oil for at least 10  minutes.
  3. Take the mould out of the hot oil leaving 80% of the hot oil inside the mould.
  4. Dip the mould into the flour mixture until an even coating films the mould, and then return to the  hot oil, leaving it within the hot oil for around 10 seconds.


  5. Remove the pastry cup from the mould; continue cooking until the cup is golden and crispy.
  6. Remove cup from the oil and leave to drain on a kitchen towel until cold.
  7. Blanch the carrot and water chestnuts in boiling water for three minutes, and then the sweet  corn and snow peas for two minutes, set aside.
  8. Heat the vegetable oil in a wok; add the curry powder, stirring until fragrant.
  9. Add the prawns and stir until fully cooked, next add the blanched vegetables.
  10. Season the dish with the sugar and fish sauce; stir gently until combined well and set aside  ready for filling the cups

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